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not just a moment but a MOVEMENT!

Who are we?

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Breezy Kids is a group of young people who are working together to start a movement! We offer Christian Youth Groups the chance to come and enjoy our dance teams, spoken word, singing and showcase their gifts and talents weekly - free of charge.  We also offer mental health coaching for your people.  We hope to help our youth to become the best version of themselves.  We also hope to re-ignite a generation's love for Jesus Christ!

What We Do

We come together every Sunday at 3:30PM and turn up for Jesus,.  Our turn up sometimes looks like partying for Jesus, sometimes like complete worship, and sometimes just a group of young people who love Jesus spending time together in food, fellowship and fun!  Follow us on our social media platforms so that you will always know whats going on.

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Help Us Create a Movement

As we work to. build the kingdom in a new and exciting way, we ask that you join in the fight and donate today! 

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