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Meet Our LeadeRS

Covenant Purpose & Restoration Family Center has truly been blessed to have such awesome, dedicated leaders. Pastor Chris and Lady April Brown are a powerhouse team who have dedicated their lives to serving God’s people.  They are the lead servants and founders of Covenant Purpose & Restoration Family Center where they faithfully endeavor to disseminate the Word of God. They have been richly blessed by God sending integral and Godly servants with whom they labor with in the vineyard.  

Covenant Purpose and Restoration Family Center is also part of World Outreach Christian Association under the leadership of Apostle Harrison Nichols, Sr. and Bishop Larry Helm.

our leaders

Bishop Chris Brown was born in Dallas, Texas. He answered the call to ministry at the age of 16 and immediately endeavored on a mission to win souls and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bishop Brown has faithfully served in many capacities under many great men of God.  He accepted the call of Pastor in 2014.  He was elevated to District Elder in World Outreach Christian Assembly International in 2018.  He was ordained as Bishop of Oklahoma, Louisiana and North Texas in World Outreach Christian Assembly on Jun 23, 2023 by Apostle Harrison Nichols, Sr.  He faithfully serves as Lead Pastor of Covenant Purpose & Restoration Family Center. He is a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a friend, and a prolific speaker.

Chris Brown

Lead Servant

First Lady April Brown was born in Dallas, Texas. She received her education in the Dallas Independent School District.  She is received her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and her Masters of Science in Criminology from the University of Texas at Dallas. She us also currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Non-Profit Management from Louisiana State University - Shreveport.  She has diligently served at CPR Family Center as Administrative Pastor and Executive Administrator since 2014.  Lady April's passions include serving the homeless and less fortunate, and encouraging others in their health and wellness journeys.  She's a wife, mother, sister, and dedicated servant at Covenant  Purpose & Restoration Family Center.

April Brown

First Lady 

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Dinah Doyle

Associate Pastor

Dinah was born to the parentage of James Parks and Delois Davis in Dallas, Texas. Over the  years she has attended Lisbon Elementary, Zumwalt Middle School and South Oak Cliff High  School. She has four children: Erwin, Rayson, Delois and Patrice.  

She grow up in Christian Workers Baptist Church, where T. Harris was the pastor and as she  became a young adult, she began to see the importance of the church. Not fully  understanding why, she began to love people and found herself wanting to help others all the  time. She served on the Youth Usher board and the Youth Choir.  

She has attended an Evangelism Class and received a certificate of Completion. In 2012 she started attending an online course with Colorado Technical University to get her Bachelors in  Business Management and will be pursuing other Bachelors and Master Degrees. She opened  her own printing business in 2014. She was Ordained an Elder on May 31, 2019. 

Over the years she has been tried and tested. She has overcome many obstacles, stumbling blocks, and has been given the strength to climb and remove mountains. She married the love  of her life on September 25, 2020. She is very excited for what God is doing in her life. 

On November 1, 2020, under the leadership of Pastor Chris & 1st Lady April Brown, she joined  the membership of CPR Family Center along with her husband Erwin and daughter Patrice  Davis, which are all still active and faithful members. She leads the Hospitality Team, Youth  Coordinator, Vice-President for the Women’s Ministry, Associate Pastor, and helps where  needed. 

She’s a teacher, speaker, writer, coordinator, printer, helper, and a vision runner. She loves  God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. She is spiritually gifted and equipped to do all God has chosen  and called her to do.

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Kimberly Williams


Kimberly is a Certified Anger Management Facilitator with a focus on Trauma and Emotional Intelligence. She is a business owner and instructor of Kingdom Principles for you to live. She studied International Systems and Organizations at Hampton University and Currently a lifelong student of the Word. She is a 5x Global Gold star Keynote Speaker in the Emotional / Business Intelligence space. Her love for people came naturally although her life’s journey has been riddled with moments that challenged the Heart after God in her. She is a Believer of The Way and a Mother of 3 beautiful children.

What should I know about her? Prophet Kimberly is the 3rd generation Church planter.  The Non Profit Lead for Best Kept Secret Girls Group (Virginia) of 14 years, and Creator of The Long Game workshop. Her Grandmother and Great Uncles served the Lord through the Pentecostal Church, Episcopalian Church and AME church movements From NY-VA-TX and all the States in between.  She is an Author, Kimberly penned Unconditionally His to voice the emotional development that occurs within any individual despite their environment.   In 2022 Kimberly was awarded with the Community Service Frontline Soldier award in the commonwealth of Virginia for her 15 years of work in the communities of Hampton Roads. She is the founder of Empty Spaces Teen and young adult program. A development of young men between the ages of 15-25 that establishes habits and morality to continue on a path of destined stability and success through housing and diversionary services. The Best Kept Secret Stop the Violence is a gang interrupter non-profit that assists in introducing emotional intelligence and leadership training to young people across the nation. As CEO of Proper Perspective 360 she coaches With her “The Long Game,” workshop, she trains corporations and individuals by curating initiative-driven individuals who deliver positive customer engagement as a fulcrum into extreme accountability and ownership-based connectors.

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